Free Play

Age: 3 – 8 years

Free Play is designed for young children. Recent research by the TNO in 2008 (Dutch organisation for Applied Scientific Research), shows that young children move too little and don’t play outside enough. The Free Play range is specifically targeted at playing functions (climbing, sliding, clambering) that stimulate young children to move. In addition, the Free Play equipment supports the social development of children. The equipment combines numerous playing functions and encourages the children to play with one another. In this way, BOER’s Free Play equipment contributes to the general development and the general wellbeing of children.

Characteristics of the Free Play range:

  • The equipment is made from 100% recycled angled poles and beams, combined with HMPE (High Molecular Polyethylene) panels. The used materials are durable, enivronment-friendly and doe almost not require any maintenance.
  • The green-blue colour scheme of the Free Play range is suited to every environment
  • Free Play comprises combination equipment that stimulates movement and joint play.
  • The circular shape of Free Play offers extra safe playing pleasure
  • The smiling faces on the panels give the youngest ones a feeling of familiarity
  • All equipment meets the relevant European safety standards

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