Basic Play

Age: 1 – 12 years

The equipments of Basic Play are made of FSC preserved solid pine wood with a beautiful color scheme and distinctive design. In the development of Basic play special attention is paid to an excellent price / quality ratio. For these compact equipments minimal drop zone is required; the height of fall is less than 1.5 meters so that the equipments may be placed on grass.

Characteristics of the Basic Play Range:

  • Made of FSC preserved pine wood
  • Connections are, where necessary, covered with a plastic cap
  • Roofs and slides made of coloured fiberglassreinforced polyester
  • Rope constructions are made of vandal resistant 16mm Herculesrope (synthetic rope with steel core).
  • The posts are embedded in the ground by galvanized steel anchors to prevent groundwater degradation of the wood.

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