Nature Play

Age 4 to 12 years

Nature Play has a warm atmosphere that is due to the use of FSC hardwood in its base.
In addition, it is a compact program, on a relatively small space, many play triggers can be provided. Besides the standard colors, Nature Play equipment can be carried out in
natural or in soft colors, making them blend into the surroundings.

The climbing equipment’s of Nature Play have a modular design due to which they are widely applicable. Beside climbing equipment this range also offers additional equipment like tumble bars, swings and balancing beams. In
this way it’s possible to create a playground on each space. And the range is suitable for children in the age from four to twelve years.
Regarding the safety we provide maximum security, each module and each solitary unit is individually tested and certified. All Nature Play equipment can be made from stainless steel. Do you want a modular unit specially designed for you? Please do not hesitate to call us.

Characteristics of the Nature Play Range:

  • Square posts made of wood or stainless steel  (FSC hardwood, durability class 1-2).
  • In order to prevent wood rot no lying wood is applied.
  • Tubes, rods and parts are made of stainless steel.
  • Floors, climbing walls and bridge sections have FSC wooden base, and the whole is coated with a polyuria and extremely
    durable anti-slip coating.
  • Walls and roofs are made of Trespa, a real outdoor color quality solid core material.
  • Nets are made of 16 mm Herkules rope with steel core.
  • Slides have Trespa side walls and a stainless steel sliding surface.
  • Timeless color scheme with primary colors: yellow, red and
  • The climbing equipment’s of Toddler Play are fully modular and we are happy to create one according to your wishes.
  • All devices meet the latest European safety standards (EN 1176:2008).

Click here for our assortment Nature Play equipment in hardwood and here for our assortment Nature Play equipment in stainless steel.