Toddler Play

Age: 1 to 6 years

Toddler Play provides climbing, sliding and fantastical elements for children aged one to six. They can really enjoy themselves with a variety of activities, such as playing shop,
house or station, traveling by car, train or bus or even building a castle with sand and water.

These pieces of play equipment are made of warm materials (i.e. FSC hardwood), have playful design and a friendly, inviting atmosphere. They can also be provided in stainless steel, possibly suiting the particular environment better.

In their early years children form the foundation of their social and motor equipment. With the motto ‘’play together,
share together’’ our climbing equipment and fantasy/ construction equipment from Toddler Play contributes to a pedagogical way of playing. Toddler Play is consistent with
the perception of the children and helps them to explore their creativity and their imagination.

Toddler Play provides a clear need and that is why this range is especially applicable for crèches and day nurseries. The climbing equipment have a completely modular design. It is therefore possible to begin with a modest playground and later expand it It is possible to install the equipment on grass according to the European safety standards, which reduces
the costs to a minimum for safety surface. If you would rather place Toddler Play on paved surfaces, we will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

Characteristics of the Toddler Play Range:

  • Square posts made of wood (FSC hardwood, durability class 1-2) or stainless steel.
  • To prevent wood rot no lying wood is applied.
  • Tubes and bars are made of stainless steel.
  • Floors, climbing walls and bridge sections have an FSC wooden construction, which is coated with a polyuria and extremely durable anti-slip coating.
  • Walls and roofs are made of Trespa; an excellent quality, solid core material, suited to the outdoors.
  • Climbing nets are made of 16 mm Herkules rope with steel cores.
  • Slides have trespa sides and a stainless steel sliding surface.
  • Primary colors: yellow, red and blue.
  • Modular system: create an equipment at your request.
  • Conforms to European safety standards (EN 1176).

Click here for our assortment of Toddler Play equipment in hardwood and here for our assortment of Toddler Play equipment in stainless steel.